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Meet River- boy do I have stories to tell about his session!  He was 7 pounds, 15 ounces and 20 1/2 inches tall at birth- the perfect size and he has the most perfect features too!  I was MELTING over his kissable lips and adorable nose!  I’ll admit- I LOVE shooting newborns on creams and light colors- but something about the Fall day made me want to stick to more warm colors and tones and I love the feel of River’s images!
Story 1–  when his Mommy and Grandma came in his Mommy said to me:  ”Good Luck- he hates being naked.”  Well, he loved being warm and snuggly in my studio and I don’t think I saw his eyes one time!
Story 2– the vintage suitcase is a family heirloom from (I Believe) River’s great grandma!  LOVE all things vintage but they are even more special when they have sentimental value!
Story 3–  the vintage brass bed is also a family heirloom that River’s Grandma played with when she was a little girl (given to her by another relative!!)

Needless to say, I was excited and ready to shoot when I saw how cute River was and that I had fun new AWESOME props to play!  Super sleepy, relaxed and squishy baby boy and I think you all will enjoy a little peek into his gallery!

Big thank you to his (Mommy and Grandma too) for bringing him for his session- I totally enjoyed it and I hope you’ll love having these images!  :)

***Story 4–  As River was sound asleep on his lil’ bed, I took a moment’s break to just LOOK at him- he was sooo cute up there!  (alright, maybe it was also because my pregnant body was cramping up from laying in some awkward position to get the shots……) Anyway- I said aloud to him, “Alright River, I’m going to count to 3 and then I want you to smile.”  NO JOKE- he did it IMMEDIATELY!  ;)

Have a great day everyone and thanks for peeking!

Jill - absolutely perfect, Shannon. wow.

Nikole - LOVE LOVE LOVE…especially the squishy smile! I think you have the best job in the world!!!

Jessica Washburn - Oh, Shannon–perfection! And I LOVE the story about the smile:).

jess - stunning, shannon!!! those props are so special and beautiful. they could not have picked a better photographer to capture them forever. amazing job!!!

Martin Montpellier - Newborns are amazing. The make me feel so… new, alive… and old.
All the best!

Dawn Sharp - I’m so glad you shared the smile story. I’m not sure but,I think people thought we were crazy when we told it. That story will be in the baby book for sure. Even that you promised him a pony if he smiled on 3…. :) Thanks Shannon

stacy - AAAAAAMAZING!!!!!! you are simply PERFECT Shannon!!!

Allison Rumble - Melt my heart…these are stunning.

Angela - I love the dark, rich colors you chose for these! And that bed is amazing I must say! Great job!!

Groete - This is perfection! So beautiful!

lesa - wonderful!!!!! (and I LOVE River’s name…..)

jaime lackey - you have an amazing gift!

Theresa Steiner Reineking - WOW! You are so gifted, Shannon! These are just ADORABLE!

Staci Bailey - GORGEOUS!!! I love all of these!

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