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Mostly Baby Bits…fingers, toes, lashes, and nose Iowa Baby Photographer

I shoot with two cameras at all of my newborn sessions.  1- I need a backup camera for *all* sessions- let’s face it, cameras are definitely full of technology and mechanical parts- they are bound to break at some point in time, and I cannot have that happen during a session.  2- this allows me to mount my macro lens on my backup camera, so it’s always ready for a baby bit photo.  I always LOVE my macro shots- something extra special about them.

This post is all black and white images- I personally LOVE black and white images.  My husband has to beg me to order color images of our boys to display in our home.  I think black and white wall portraits are most sophisticated, timeless, and artsy, and the other thing is that the artwork will match any room in our home and any furniture/ accessories as well, and I’m an ‘easy’ decorating kind of person!:)

This sweet baby girl has an adorable big sister whom I also had the pleasure of photographing.  It’s so amazing to me to see how families are created- big sis looks JUST like Daddy and little sis looks JUST like Mommy!:)  Big thanks to B&A for bringing their daughters to me for their newborn sessions!

Allison Rumble - Love all the bits!

Jessica Washburn - Sigh. The way you see things, Shannon. Beautiful!

Amey - I love them! So Adorable!

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